Monday, January 5, 2015

December 22, 2014 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Hey Everyone!
Merry Christmas!! So the Tarkwa District has been celebrating christmas today so we can spend time together with our mission family so it feels like Christmas!!! Such a wonderful time of the year!!! So everything has been going sweet. The work here in Tarkwa is going well. We are finding investigators who are progressing which is always a plus for the work. With the vision that President Stevenson has for this area, it guides us and pushes us to work harder. Just this past week, we decided to visit a part member family. The husband is a member and works for the UN. He goes to Cote di'voire to hunt down war criminals. So pretty cool job. It's a monday through friday job though because he comes home on the weekends. But for some reason, the missionaries have just dropped her as an investigator. The missoinary that left just before me, who was not known for his work ethic or obedience or any like unto that, said that she is a very slow learner and didn't grasp everything. So he dropped her. So Elder Antwi and I looked at her and thought that we can teach her. We go into the lesson with her thinking that she is a slow learner. As I ask her her profession, she tells me she is an administrator for a mining company. I was blown away. As I taught her, she was so smart! I was completely saddened and disappointed in the missionary that put her aside because he was either impatient or just didn't want to work. But shake it off. Well. Hope you all are doing well. Love you all. Enjoy Christmas! Remember what it is for!
Elder Treadway