Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016 OVER AND OUT!!!

Hey Everyone!
Well, these words come to my mind as I write you. "I'm coming home... I'm coming home..." How true those words ring. This last week has been quite an emotional rollercoaster. The extremes of many emotions were felt as the time was coming to a close. But yet, it ended rather well. We ended with the baptisms of Alfred, Kalvin, Matu, and Ezekiel. It was great to see their willingness to follow their Savior, Jesus Christ. My strength was tested and tried throughout this week. Saturday, I started to come down with a cold and Saturday evening, I experienced my first ever migraine. I don't wish to experience that again. I had no idea what was going on and it scared the HECK out of me. I started losing my vision in my right eye. Then I started feeling a strange sensation in my right arm. Then, I couldn't speak normal. My memory evaporated and my speech turned to some sort of elven tongue. I couldn't say baptism for the life of me. I thought that this is how it was ending. I was going to go home mentally incapacitated. But it passed and now I'm good.
But, I do want to share my personal thoughts and feelings real quickly. I'm so grateful for this privilege that I have had to serve here in West Africa. I personally do not feel that there is a better place to serve the Lord then amongst the Ghanaian and Liberian people. Their susceptibility to the spirit is uncanny. Their willingness to leave all for the Lord is a great strength for me. The greatest testimony I have is of Finda, who upon losing her husband a week before her baptism continued the course saying, "All I know is that if I give myself to God, all will turn out well." How those words have echoed through these years of service. As I have strived to give myself to God, I have found that all has turned out well. In fact, better than I could have imagined it myself. Truly the Lord has more in store for us as we let him guide us. Trust him. Have faith in Him. He will direct you for good. Of that I am a living testimony. I love you all! Thank you for all of your support, prayers, love, thoughts, and encouragements. They have been a blessing and most of them have been timely. God bless you. God bless this work.
Elder Treadway