Tuesday, November 17, 2015

October 26, 2019 "...yet the net was not broken." (John 21:11)

Good afternoon/morning!
I hope that you are having a great day. This week has been an incredible and eventful week. Truly, I have found that as the Lord asks us to magnify our callings, and as we try to do our best, he will not let "our nets" break. He will truly uphold us and strengthen us. This past saturday, my companion, Elder Verdoni, and I were blessed with the privilege to baptize eight of our brothers and sisters. For the record, their names are Austin, Kelly, Jebbeh, Debra, Comfort, Armah, Albertha, and Chris. All of them showed up for their confirmations the next day, which didn't end till 9:35ish. 

At the baptism, we had quite an experience. As we were sitting there, my companion and I, we were watching our candidates for baptism walk in with their whites. I was filled with such happiness. Then, an old man walks in with a white jumpsuit on. I wasn't teaching an old man. Then, a teenage boy walks in with another white jumpsuit on. I wasn't teaching a teenager. So, I pull the Branch Mission Leader aside and ask him who they are. He thought they were our candidates. No! So, literally, we had to negotiate and talk them out of getting baptized today. They were so upset. They were people who had saw there was a baptism and wanted to be apart of it so they went into the bathroom and put on the jumpsuit. Tell me, what other mission has that problem. In Ghana, I never talked anyone OUT of being baptized. It's a whole different ball game out here.  
We had our first Zone Conference this past week. My companion and I decided to instruct separately. Elder Verdoni instructed on Obedience as I instructed on Loyalty... Bright side, I bought some E.L.Fudges today. (I am my fathers son.) Love you all. 
Elder Treadway