Tuesday, July 28, 2015

June 29, 2015 Mosquito's BEVREY!!!

Hey Everyone,
I would love to report that my area is legit and all but my new companion was sick the whole entire week so Sunday was the only day I was able to get out. Not gonna lie, it really blew. But not much you gonna do about it. Sister Stevenson told him to stay in. I still wouldn't mind that advice but it's a good thing he did. I've been sent to Winneba on Mop Up Duty! Always fun when you need to fix a missionary and an area. Elder Wadsworth from Nevada just finished his training and his trainer was ehhh... Nigerian. Didn't go so well. I talked to the Assistants on the way to Winneba and they told me that I'm gonna save this guys mission. Give's me confidence that President trusts me to help another missionary. I guess I also need to help this area because there is like no fruit. I talked to the District Leader and he just told me that because of the previous missionary, nothing happened! Let's do This!
So, we met with one of our Progressing Investigators yesterday. She is a 14 or 15 year old girl named Angel. Now, I was told that she hasn't been baptized because her Aunt and Parents won't allow it. So, I just wanted to figure the whole thing out from herself. So we went to go talk to her. I asked her why she wasn't baptized. She explained that she missed her date. I asked about her aunt and she said everyone supports her baptism. She is just waiting for a date! What the Flip??? So we gave her a date for next week and she is pretty excited. Members don't really care that much for us. No free meals or anything. Turns out that the Elder before me didn't really like members that much. So we are putting an end to that. I'm excited to fix this area. Just gonna put all I have into it. Elder Wadsworth and I are gonna enjoy! Gonna fix his mission!!!
Love ya!
The Repairman!
Elder Treadway