Tuesday, July 28, 2015

June 15, 2015 By His Grace....

Hey Everyone!
So this past week was a pretty sick week. To be honest, it absolutely flew by. I just sat here for a bit trying to think about what to right. All that crazy stuff I used to write about just seems normal now. Our week though was an excellent week. We have a boy we are teaching named Richard who is a stud. He is a referral from my Recent convert, Joseph. He works for Joseph now as an assistant so Joseph gives us plenty time to teach him. Speaking about Joseph, yesterday he was able to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood which is very awesome to see. The bright side about being in an area for 7 months? You get to see your Recent Convert progress in the Gospel! You truly get to watch your fruits!
Wednesday was Elder Havea's birthday. We decided to surprise the guy by taking him out to chop some pizza at a nearby hotel. So, I spoiled him Ghanaian style all day to make him think that is what we were going to do for his birthday. I took him to chop some fufu, I made him noodles, and I let him choose the hymns in Companionship Study. I'm wonderful. I know. haha. But, I told him that I wanted to teach somebody near the hotel. As we went, he saw the zone leaders and the other missionaries from Tarkwa. We enjoyed that day! All of us got to chop some pizza and we had a bunch of coke. Plenty!!! It was a memorable week full of teaching and enjoying those precious moments we have in Ghana. Especially those light out moments! I think I might miss them. Might... Well, I love you guys and hope you are going to have a wonderful week. I love you all.
Elder Treadway